Dear Summer…

With this week’s unbearably cold temps in the Mid-East, I have been thinking lovingly and longingly about the best season EVER (if you don’t know, I’m talking about the good ol’ summertime). I am a summer baby. Nostalgic feelings of baking to death while waiting for the bus or dreaming of laying on the grass, watching birds spontaneously combust into flames is my kind of weather – not this bitter cold, waiting to turn into an icicle if you stay out more than three minutes.

I digress.

Since I have been impatiently awaiting the beginning of warmer weather and beautiful breezes, a girl has nothing left to do but to prepare for it. And by prepare, I mean shop.

My wallet has seen some milage the past few months, but anyone who knows me knows I am a frugal, bargain shopper. I don’t pay for anything full price unless I really, REALLY want it.

One Website I have fallen in love with lately is Piliging through the sale section I came across this beautiful Billabong dress.


Gorgeous, right? And the best part: it was only $51, down from the original price of $64!
Okay, okay. That’s not much of a discount. But when you’re a size small, you have to snatch the items you want up fast.

The next couple items I picked up came courtesy of The first dress was a beautiful white dress with yellow flowers.


Soooo perfect for those days I feel like jumping up and going downtown to enjoy the sights of the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in the Spring along the Tidal Basin (those native or familiar with D.C. will know what I’m talking about). The two things that stuck out to me the most are the criss-crossed back and the bottom fishtail-like hem. Because I am short and this dress was apparently made for tall women, I may have to add a belt so I won’t trip over this dress repeatedly while walking down the street. And this dress…was only $25!

The second dress from Lulu’s was one I was keeping a close eye on for weeks. The original pricetag read $115 but I managed to snag this for $50. Now THAT’S a bargain!


Grey is supposed to be all the rage this spring (no, seriously. It was one of Pantone’s chosen colors for Spring 2015). This grey number looked like it would be heavy from the pictures but, after receiving this in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised. What stuck out to me is the stitching seen along the midsection of this dress. So gorgeous and different.

The third Lulu’s dress featured is this short number:


I immediately saw this dress, priced at $25 in the sale section, and thought “summer brunch”. It has that kind of charm mixed with a touch of sexy that would be ideal for an outside Sunday brunch along the Georgetown waterfront.

Finally, this $14 lace maxi dress was the steal of the year:


I can literally wear this ANYWHERE! Well, maybe not Six Flags or Kings Dominion, but you get my drift. With a cardigan, I will be work ready. With a long necklace and some strappy sandals, I can be date ready. This dress is versatile and I love it! The best part is the minimal top and bee-utifully laced bottom.

Well, that’s it for now. I will certainly update this post when I can actually wear these outfits. I dare not wear them now; I value my life and would prefer not to be frostbitten. What was your favorite? Want to see more of my super huge spring/summer haul? Any other sites I should know about? Sound out below!

Later, Fashionistas!

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