The Week in Review (January 24 – 31)

Hey guys! Happy Super Bowl Sunday (Go anyone but the Pats!)

Well, I can tell you one thing about this week – I am TIRED of the cold weather!!!

Sure, it’s cool sometimes to be able to wear coats and go ice skating and enjoy hot chocolate outdoors, but when the temperature is 20 degrees BEFORE wind chill, well, there’s absolutely something wrong there. I am a summer baby, born during the dog days of August. To me, this weather is inhumane.

On top of contending with the weather, this week began with a reminder that my thesis is almost due. I have been looking at various academic journals to try and shop my paper around; I want to be able to have others read the research and ideas that I’ve come up with. If I’m not going to share this with people, then what’s the point of me trying to make it so good?

As far as my Portfolio class goes, it’s nice to see everyone’s Websites progressing and getting better as the weeks go on. The ideas and questions that are shared between the students in the class is actually helpful to revising and updating this page of mine. Honestly speaking, without sharing our sites within the class I would be beyond clueless as to how to put this all together.

On another note, today (February 1) marks the first day of Black History Month. As a young Black woman, I consider this a big deal. The goal for every Black History Month is to learn something new about Black American history that I never knew before. So, on top of putting together my thesis and making sure I don’t fail my Portfolio class miserably, I will also be trying to educate myself on the history of my ancestors.

My week wasn’t all work. My aunt turned fifty this past weekend and my family and I got together to take her to brunch. Afterwards, my brother, cousin and I decided to go skating at the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden in downtown D.C.. Anyone who knows me knows this is a very rare occurrence that should not be taken lightly.


I wasn’t going to show myself skating. Too embarrassing.

Today (Sunday) was the first Sunday of the month, which meant Communion Sunday. Seeing as how I missed last weeks’ service, I had to compensate; why not by partaking in communion?

Before I left the house I took an awesome selfie. My hair actually cooperated today. An incredible feat, to say the least.

sunday hair

“Bonjour” sweater: Asos. Necklace:

That’s all for now. Until next time, people!!!

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