The 90’s Are Back!

When I was a little girl in the 90’s, I loved the styles that my mother put me in. Acid washed denim, bright crazy colors, and floral was all the rave. Fast forward to 2014 and when I heard that 90’s fashion was making a comeback I was a little disturbed. “Who in their right minds would want to look like that on purpose?!” I wondered to myself. Now I see the light. Dark, gloomy florals have been replaced by bright, effervescent colors. Crop tops and acid washed jeans have resurfaced with a cool vengeance. Below are my top three 90’s faves that have come back better.

1. Neon

neon summer

I used to think neon colors were unnecessary. Like, did they have to be so bright??? Then I found this “Life Is A Beach” shirt at Forever 21 and was sold. I found a new niche when I added this Victoria’s Secret neon green bra under for an added effect.

2. Florals


I seriously had a dress just like this when I was a little girl. The pretty flowers on this dress makes this exceptionally cool. To make this not look like you’re about to take your 6th grade class picture, add a clutch and some neutral heels (in this case, my green Jessica Simpson heels I got for a steal at DSW) and you can go from grade school to the top of the class.

3. Crop Tops and Acid Washed Denim

acid wash

Yeah, we both wore the same shirt to a party. No, it wasn’t planned. But who can say no to that gem of a top from online powerhouse ASOS for only $10! Add a pair of $20 H&M jeans (on my friend, a pink pair of Forever 21 jeans) and you are transported back in time right back to 1992. Oh, and for added effect, throw your hair in some pigtail buns and you’ll be set to take your spelling test (or if you were me at 7 years old, ready to write your bad behavior on the board 100 times).

Anything else you wanna add, my darling Fashionistas, sound out below in the comments section! Until next time!


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