Flexi Fabulousity

Hey again everyone! So this past week was the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday: pies, turkeys, and relatives up in your business asking those questions that you hate; “So, when you gonna get married, girl?” “You think you should freeze your eggs, you know, just in case you feel like having kids later in life?” ß Yeah, those questions -__-

Thankfully, here’s an easy, breezy hairstyle that doesn’t take long at all and will have all those pesky old people complimenting you on at least one thing. The following are steps to achieve that perfect curl without using a lot of heat.

  1. You’re going to need the following items: a blowdryer, Eco-styler gel, and about 20 to 30 flexi rods, depending on the thickness of your hair. If you don’t know, flexi rods look like this:

flexi rods22. After blow-drying your hair to your desired straightness, separate your hair into four sections. The parts don’t have to be even.

3. Using one of the sections, make a medium-sized horizontal row. Generously apply gel to the row of hair. Using a small-toothed comb (aka a rat-tail comb), comb the gel through the hair.

4. Taking a small section of hair from the row, secure the end of your hair with one of the rods. In a twirling motion, twirl the rest of your hair onto the rod, leaving empty space at the top of the rod.

5. Take the top of the rod and bend it to stay in place. Continue with the rest of your head.

6. When done, either sit under a dryer or air dry until every last strand of hair is completely dry. My hair usually takes about 1.5 hours under the dryer, all night if I air dry.

7. Unravel the hair in the opposite direction of the way you first rodded the hair.

8. Separate and fluff to your desired look.

When everything is said and done, your hair should look like this:

Kyla curls

So, what do you think? Did I do a good job? Are there other, easier ways to achieve this style? Would you guys like to see a video? Sound out in the comment section below!

Later, Fashionistas!


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